Saturday, 21 April 2012

Fashionalysis - The Hi/Lo Skirt

When I see a new "trend" strolling down the runway, my left-brained self quickly starts rationalizing and files it into one of my mental boxes.  Hate it, want it or "meh".  I sometimes wish I could just absorb a trend, appreciate the excitement of seeing something new and novel...  but for me it's impossible.  I must analyze it.

I've broken it down into a few simple questions to assist one in determining if a trend is 'the shit' or just plain shit.  It also helps me choose between a serious splurge and the budget friendly option.

Take the hi/lo skirt, for instance. I'm avoiding the temptation to call it a mullet skirt (but please know I really want to). 

1.  Functionality

Q: Is it appropriate for day and night (i.e. work and weekend)?

A: I don't consider the hi/lo skirt to be office appropriate by my standards.

2.  Seasonality

Q: Can it be worn year round? (i.e. Does it work with a pair of black tights or a long sleeve underneath?)

A: Sure, if the right color or print is selected, a hi/lo skirt can definitely be worn through the seasons.  I would style it with booties and black tights in the winter, and and open-toed ankle straps with bare legs in summer.

3.  Wardrobe Assimilation

Q: Does it work with pieces that I already own?  (i.e. I don't have to buy something else in order to wear this.)

A: Yup.  I have a simple silk racerback tank that could be tucked in.  I can also see it paired with a fabulous menswear inspired blazer.

4.  Classicality

Q: Will I still wear this 5 years from now?  Okay, 5 years is a stretch, but you get me, right?

A: I'm not convinced that this trend will still be considered fashionable years from now.  In fact, I can imagine the hi/lo skirt falling the way of stirrup pants and puffy vests.  Wait... were puffy vests ever considered fashionable?

Verdict: 2/4.  Like it... but not splurge-worthy.   Essentially, the hi/lo is a trend, not a closet staple.

I found a fantastic version at Zara for around $40 that fits oh so perfectly into my going-out wardrobe.

Zara hi/lo skirt paired with black tights and booties.

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