Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Retail Therapy

The only way to end a horrendous week is to indulge in a proper retail therapy session.  I walked in to the mall on Friday evening, half alive and fully intending to fill the emotional void with beautiful, unnecessary items. 

I figured it was better than eating my feelings. 

I had been coveting these lovely floral J-Brands for some time, and couldn't wait to get them into my closet.

Unfortunately, my dreams were swiftly crushed when I realized that they looked much cuter on the model.  I was annoyed to discover that they are a true capri length and, as such, hit my calf in the wrong place.  They were also a much different fit than the standard J-brand 811 skinny.  I found that the rise was a bit lower.  No bueno.

I still can't get them out of my mind, though.  Like a bad ex-boyfriend.  So, naturally, I have taken the liberty of fantasizing about how I'd enjoy them, if someday it did work out. 

Casual look.  Wilfred chambray top, J-Brand pant, Rachel Comey boots.

I ended up compromising on these rose skinnies.  One of the reasons I chose them is that they are a slightly darker pink than the pastels that are so popular this season.  It'll make them easier to wear in the fall with boots and a sweater while still being very on-trend for this spring/summer.

Pink J-Brand 811 midrise skinnies paired with my Wilfred Chevalier blazer

Seriously people, I can't say enough about the 811's, they are my go-to pant.  They are made of a super comfy, luxurious twill with just the right amont of stretch.  And my favorite thing about this pant is that they are a mid-rise.  They hold everything in place and give you a smooth silhouette without being Mom-ish.

Needless to say, I left the mall, bags in hand, feeling temporarily relieved.  This pretty much sums up my sentiment.

Check back soon for a post on summer tops and the rest of my retail therapy haul.

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  1. My absolute fav as well, you can't go wrong with the 811s :)
    xo K